Spin Welders

Spin welders use radial motion and pressure to friction weld plastic part halves. Lower part halves are clamped to the fixed base. Upper part halves are clamped to the upper rotating spindle. Servo drives control upper spindle speed, torque and feed pressure and allow angular control for final part orientation. Like a drill press, spin welders allow economical plastic joining of cylindrical or spherical parts up to 24″ in diameter.

2 hp  

Branson SW 200 spin welder, s/n – 200CR0308681 (not functional)

(2) Apex 6154 – 2 hp servo drives, orientation to 1 degree, motor has grounding issue, 3.5″ stroke, 18″ open height, 315# maximum force, Eason 900X interface, 2003

4.2 hp  

Dukane SVT032R orienting spin welder, s/n – US206599

4.2 hp servo, orientation to .1 degree, 3000 rpm, 21″ vertical, 8″ throat, 6″ stroke, weld by distance, revolutions or time, 587,545 cycles, Dukane recently serviced, 2008


Olsen SPW-1 non-orienting plastic spin welder, #1743 (not functional)

not functional 20,000 rpm spindle (estimate) non-orienting spindle 15″ throat 8″ spindle stroke, mechanical stop ?” spindle nose to base ?” spindle nose to table double belt drive spindle Reliance […]

15" swing  

Olsen SPW-1 spin welder, non-orienting, s/n – 2632

20,000 rpm spindle, 15″ swing, 8″ spindle stroke, 3/4 hp Reliance ImPak DC motor, pneumatic downfeed, video under power