plastic laser welders - laser welding of plastic

Plastuc lasers weld transparent (clear) and absorbent (dark) halves of plastic parts which have been clamped together, using a traveling beam or fixed array of beams. Since no particulate is generated, laser welding is ideal for medical applications.


Branson IRAM 750 watt plastic welding laser, 2011

750W @ 980 nm, (6) 125 watt laser banks, (27) SmartFiber optic cables, 2000X actuator (model 3.25), 3G & 3I controllers (with internal chiller), Lanco conveyor

250 watt  

Branson Radiance 3I 250 watt laser, s/n – 12R801965

250 watt (980 nm) plastic welding laser, (2) 125 watt laser banks, 2000X actuator, tower with control & chiller, two sets of tooling with 8 fiber optic bundles (each), 2012

250 watt  

Branson Radiance laser banks, EDP No. 144-100-552

(6) 130 watt laser banks, 5 x 50 watt, 940 nanometer, closed loop, adjustable laser drive current, (27) fiber optic bundles, 3G & 3I controllers available, new 9/2011