New Additions

Branson 3000 watt (20 kHZ) ultrasonic welder, 900 series

930M 3000 watt power supply, 931aes actuator, linear encoder for weld by distance, ECI-1 comm box, all cables, converter & booster, auto cycled

Dukane 1700 watt (20 kHZ) ultrasonic welder, 2006

Dukane 2170 power supply, model DPC IV Plus, Dukane 220 thruster, model 43A255, weld by distance (linear encoder), auto cycled, stack tested, complete with control cables

Dukane TH3 thermal welder (3 welding options), 2018

hot plate, infrared & hot gas, 3-axis coordinated servos with torque feedback, rapid tool changeover, 16″ x 36″ horizontal platens, very few cycles, 8 second cycle time

Chase FS-180 inverted (seam) sealer, 2016

fabric sealer or slitter for thermoplastic material (woven or non-woven), 1250 watt (20 kHZ) & 1500 watt (30 kHZ) power supplies, variable speed wheel, 2016