New Additions

Dukane TH3 thermal welder (3 welding options), 2018

hot plate, infrared & hot gas, 3-axis coordinated servos with torque feedback, rapid tool changeover, 16″ x 36″ horizontal platens, very few cycles, 8 second cycle time

Bielomatik K2252 infrared welder, 3-axis servos, 2017

49″ x 31″ horizontal tooling & slide, 28.6″ daylight, 800C max temp, infrared cameras, Siemens S7-300 controls, servos with rack & pinion, CE stamped, 40,690 cycles shown

Branson VW-6UHL vibration welder, 95RVW6UHL0602

80# upper tool, 10 hp weld head, Ultra Hy-Line software, Xycom touch screen computer, Allen Bradley SLC5/04 PLC, UPS, 17 hp Vectron drive, 1995

Bielomatik LVW-4822 vibe welder, s/n – 02-05-26

132# upper tool weight, 54” x 22” lift table, 23.5″ daylight, 35 KW Lenze drive, Allen Bradley SLC5/04 PLC, Panelview 1000 HMI, low cycle count, 2002