New Additions

Cosmos 6 kW radio frequency welder, power infeed table

6 kW generator, upgradable to 10 kW, 16″ x 20″ platens, power infeed table, Allen Bradley Panelview 550 HMI, excellent, 23,531 total cycles, new 2002

Dukane 3300 watt (20 kHZ) ultrasonic welder, 2008

DPC IV Plus control/power supply, 43A220 actuator, control cables, converter & booster, weld by distance, from medical laboratory, powered video

Dukane 4800 watt (15 kHZ) ultrasonic welder, servo, 2015

Dukane iQ servo ultrasonic press system, iQ servo for press feed, iQ control/generator, manuals, sound enclosure, control cables, converter, two boosters, new 2015, arrives 3/7/2022

Branson SW-200 spin welder, servo driven spindle, 2003

Apex 6154 servo drive (recently serviced), spindle orientation to 1 degree, torque monitoring, Eason 900X line edit interface, factory base, all cables, 2003