used infrared welder for sale
horizontal tooling & slide – vertical press motion
49″ ” x 31.5″ tool clamping surface (maximum)
49″ x 29.5″ tool base plate (maximum)
14.3″ vertical press strokes (top & bottom)
63″ x 43.3″ loading door opening (two part)
3-axis servo drives with rack & pinion
metal foil radiators, clamping claws on tools
800C possible temperature
(2) vacuum pumps for parts with floor switches
quick coupling on upper tool plate
infrared cameras (2) on upper tool, (2) on lower
Siemens S7-300 CPU315-2 PN/DP PLC & I/O’s
software discs, manuals & schematics
Siemens touch screen HMI (main control)
P100 control console for 4 infrared cameras
beacon lamp for machine status
extractor hood with fan
7′ W x 9′ D x 9-1/2′ H (without exhaust fan)
tinted enclosure (filters infrared radiation)
5720# welder, 2,200# ebox, tool not included
400/3/60 electrics
new 10/2017, s/n – K2252/018, CE stamped
control shows 40,690 total cycles

Bielomatik K2252 infrared welder, 3-axis servos, 2017 Bielomatik K2252 infrared welder, 3-axis servos, 2017