used plastic welding laser for sale
Simultaneous Through Transmission Infrared
750 Watt laser power @ 980 nm
(6) 125 watt Radiance diode laser banks
(6) DC laser power supplies
CANopen laser bank bus network
(27) SmartFiber optic cables in 6 bundles
closed loop control system
global intensity control, invididual diode control
2000X actuator, model AED 3.25
3I free standing control for (4) laser banks
3G benchtop controller for (2) laser banks
internal chiller for laser cooling
3I (master)/3G (slave) control 2000X actuator
– time and distance welding modes
– force measurement
– process limits with alarms
– graphing and weld history data
– multiple preset memory
modular/flexible system:
– frame mounted with Lanco conveyor & HMI
s/n – 11R789147-1 (and -2), new 2011