This machine is no longer in stock. Let us know your requirements or if you have surplus.

52” x 21” hydraulic lift table
500 cm2 welding surface
77# – 143# upper tool weight
45.3 hp frequency inverter (2-phase digital)
80 – 120 Hz (low frequency)
20” lift table stroke, variable to 10”/second
29-1/2” daylight (without fixture plates)
front/rear operator access (pass through)
rear service access, pump under table
Allen Bradley Compact Logix L32E PLC
Allen Bradley Panelview 700 Plus interface
Branson M2 software
9’3” x 5’8” x 7’5” high (plus light curtain)
9000# weight
s/n – 06R597116-2 (new 2006)
like new! (only 73 cycles)

Branson M624L vibration welder (sold) Branson M624L vibration welder (sold)