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used spin welder for sale

6 kW Gemini GV6K Compumotor (servo drive)
Parker Hannifin 6K ethernet controller
spindle orientation to 1 degree
motor torque monitoring
rpm control for constant velocity
adjustable revolutions per cycle
adjustable hold time
rapid deceleration
weld by distance – linear encoder

3.5″ stroke length
18″ open height – adjustable
10.625″ throat depth
2″ – 20″ drive tool to base
315# maximum force applied

Eason 900X operator interface
Vaccon vacuum pump
220/3/60 power
275# stand + 65# operator interface
s/n – 2000CR0609816, new 2006
mint condition – see powered video

Branson SW200 spin welder, s/n – 200CR0609816 Branson SW200 spin welder, s/n – 200CR0609816