This machine is no longer in stock. Let us know your requirements or if you have surplus.

used vibration welder for sale
Hy-Line model
33.5″ x 21″ hydraulic lift table (23.5″ x 11″ opening)
20″ lift table stroke, speed variable to 10″/second
30″ x 18″ drive platen (15″ x 12″ opening)
19″ open height (minus 3/4″ tool mounting plate)
35# – 50# upper tool weight
17 hp variable frequency drive, Vectron
180-240 Hz frequency range, manual or self tune
.040″ – .070″ amplitude, electromagnetic drive
GE Versalogic 8904 control card
Versalogic VL-PS50 STD bus power supply
Epic interface, line edit
light curtain
finger actuator, emergency stops
work lights (interior)
5 second dry cycle time
weld by distance
480/3/60 electrics,
6′ x 3-1/2′ x 6′ high, 4000# weight
4200# approximate weight
new 2001, very clean, appears almost unused

Branson VW-4H vibration welder, s/n – 01R472163 (sold) Branson VW-4H vibration welder, s/n – 01R472163 (sold)