This machine is no longer in stock. Let us know your requirements or if you have surplus.

46″ x 21″ lift table (hydraulic)
25″ open height, table to head (lowered table)
20″ lift table stroke
47″ x 20″ drive platen
45# – 80# upper tool weight
15 hp weld head (springs)
180-240 Hz frequency range
25 KW Emerson Commander SK 3401 digital
vibration drive (frequency inverter)
ethernet LDT for position sensing
Compactlogix L32E PLC (24 volt control system)
H2 like control software & control screens
Panelview 700+ color touch screen HMI
configurable I/O
frequency auto-tune
light curtain, palm buttons
s/n – 03R509517-2
2013 – refurbish & retrofit (in process)
one year (US) warranty on components & labor