This machine is no longer in stock. Let us know your requirements or if you have surplus.

used hot gas welder for sale
used hot plate welder for sale
used infrared welder for sale
HHPW1432S hot gas/hot plate/infrared welder
hot gas – oxidation free (requires control box)
hot plate – 12 zone heater, 24 KW capacity
infrared – quartz short wave emitters (current)
16″ x 36.5″ platens (upper/lower), 180# weights
6000 N clamp force
20″ x 34″ heater axis, 340# weight with tooling
3-axis coordinated servos with torque feedback
upper clamp, lower clamp & hot plate position
300 mm/second – upper/lower platen speeds
500 mm/second – horizontal axis speed
phase angle & PID loop control
automatic tool id capability
capable of running sensors, valves & vacuum
B&R 380 mm HMI, industrial PC & servo control
front tool loading, dual doors with light curtain
8 second cycle time (as low as)
57″ LR x 64″ FB x 102″ tall, 3,086# (w/o tooling)
new 2018, like new, few cycles, s/n – US193124

Dukane TH3 thermal welder (3 welding options), 2018 Dukane TH3 thermal welder (3 welding options), 2018